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SSI: Children can see benefits worth up to $3,796 per month, but how?

When people think of Social Security benefits like SSI, retirees come to mind. That isn’t always the case.

Social Security card with cash and check representing SSI benefits

Sometimes children’s aid will go to children through disability, survivor’s benefits, or SSI.

It is estimated that the Social Security Administration pays $2.8 billion every month to 4 million children.

There are specific situations where a child can qualify for Social Security or SSI.

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Children qualifying for Social Security

There are situations where children can qualify if a parent has worked for ten years or collects Social Security.

They qualify if the parent is disabled or retired, the child is under 18 and unmarried or has a disability that started before 22, and if half of their financial support was from that parent.

If that parent passes away, the child can collect benefits if they meet these qualifications.

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Children of retired or disabled parents can see 50% of their living parent’s benefits or 75% of their deceased parent’s benefits.

The highest amount a child can receive this way is $3,145.50.

Spouses can claim these benefits as well.

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Children qualifying for SSI

SSI is available to some kids despite the situation their parents are in.

A child under 18 can qualify if they have a physical or mental condition that limits their activities and it’s expected to last one year or result in death.

The SSA handles applications.

The average payment is around $650 per month, but is based on the family’s needs and finances.

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