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Social Security offices reopen on April 7: No appointment needed

Local Social Security offices are resuming in-person services effective April 7.

That means people won’t need an appointment to visit the social security office.

“Customers who walk in without appointments may encounter delays and longer waits at our offices.  Be aware that our offices tend to be the busiest first thing in the morning, early in the week, and during the early part of the month, so people may want to plan to visit at other times,” officials said.

“Given that many of the people we serve have health vulnerabilities, and consistent with our union agreements, we are continuing to require certain safety measures including masking, physical distancing, and self-health checks for COVID-19 symptoms.  We will provide masks to the public and employees if they need them,” officials added.

Throughout the pandemic, millions of people have used online services and received help by phone.  People who have access to the internet are encouraged to try online services before calling or visiting an office in-person.

“As we transition to a new modern phone system, some people may experience a busy signal or be unintentionally disconnected from their call.  We sincerely regret this disruption and recommend people call when our National 800 Number may be less busy, such as before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. local time or later in the week. Like our offices, our waits are generally shorter later in the month,” officials added.

To learn more, please visit and”

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