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Stimulus: $800 tax payment can help with gas prices in one state

As the price of gas continues to rise at a rapid pace, one state’s lawmakers is looking into helping out their residents with a stimulus tax rebate.

stimulus cash taxpayers could see that would help offset rising gas prices

California legislatures are working to give taxpayers a rebate of $400 to help with inflation overall, especially with rising gas prices.

The rebate has not been made official, but any resident who pays their state income taxes will qualify.

Stimulus: $500 payments for thousands could go out soon

Eligibility for the stimulus tax rebate

There is no income requirement to receive the payment.

Individuals who are married could expect $800.

Singles will see $400.

The money will come from the $45 billion dollar surplus many are expecting.

The goal is to get this stimulus rebate into the hands of taxpayers. This will help offset the rising costs of inflation.

Michigan drivers could be eligible for an additional $400

Why is the stimulus tax rebate $400?

The decision to pay residents $400 is because it’s equal to excise taxes residents pay on gas annually.

If a driver fills their take around 52 times per year with a gas tax at $0.51 per gallon, it comes out to $400.

Democrats and Republicans agree on trying to help residents with the financial strain caused by rising gas prices.

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