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Stimulus: $500 payments for thousands could go out soon

One governor has announced that thousands of Americans may be in line soon for a direct stimulus payment worth $500.

a car getting gas, which some Americans may soon see a stimulus payment for

This announcement was made by Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota, who plans to send direct payments.

The payments would help those struggling to pay for gas as inflation continues to increase the prices of gas.

A gas tax holiday has been discussed as an option, but Walz thinks the direct payments would be more helpful.

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Who can qualify for the stimulus payments?

Payments worth $500 could go to people who make under $164,400 per year.

Married couples making under $273,470 would qualify.

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The entire thing would cost Minnesota $2 billion dollars.

If a gas tax holiday was to pass, this means that during the summer a $0.28 gas tax would be lifted.

That relief would take time and happen slowly compared to a quick and direct payment from the state.

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