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UBI: $1,000 available to thousands, don’t miss the deadline

Thousands of New Yorkers qualify for the newest UBI program in the state, which will pay $1,000 per month to chosen applicants.

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The program is called Creatives Rebuild New York, and gives artists a guaranteed $1,000 per month who need the support.

The application can be found online and has a deadline of March 25, 2022.

This program comes after many similar programs were created across the country.

The target demographic is artists who have lost work due to the pandemic and still have not recovered.

UBI: $1,000 monthly payment applications open soon

Why New York artists may need help with a UBI program

During the pandemic, unemployment for artists skyrocketed by 1,208%.

The cultural sector brings in more than $120 billion to the state economy each year.

The program is aiming to help 2,400 artists with the monthly $1,000 payments for 18 months.

The applications are currently open.

Children under 5 could get parents $350 per month

Eligibility for New York’s UBI program

You must be 18 or older and a primary resident of New York State.

Your income has to fall below the self-sufficiency standard set by the program.

Trades considered

  • craft
  • dance
  • design
  • film
  • literary arts
  • media arts
  • music
  • oral traditions
  • social practice
  • theater
  • performance arts
  • traditional arts
  • visual arts
  • interdisciplinary arts

Checks worth as much as $1,400 available to some

Trades not considered

  • baking and culinary arts
  • cosmetology
  • architecture, interior, landscape
  • radio personalities and DJs
  • event planning and production
  • wellness and fitness

You need a Social Security number to apply with documentation to confirm your information provided.

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