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Stimulus: Checks worth as much as $1,400 available to some

Millions of Americans are still struggling following the pandemic, and after seeing three federal stimulus checks, there are many still looking for help.

stimulus checks stamped with a red stimulus stamp

There are some checks available to certain people, but they may have deadlines.

Others may see these state level stimulus checks without needing to take any action.

Many states have started UBI programs as well with their COVID stimulus relief funds.

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Stimulus check payments and scammers explained

Here are stimulus payments available to some Americans

Federal stimulus payment worth $1,400

A fourth check is not likely to happen, but many Americans found themselves still owed stimulus money this tax season.

Some people had a baby or gained a dependent in 2021 and are entitled to their stimulus check.

Others made the correct income limits in 2021 but the IRS wasn’t aware and used their 2020 income so they missed the payment.

You can get this payment by claiming the Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax return this year.

Job growth makes economic payment unlikely

Arizona state stimulus worth $1,000

Phoenix, Arizona started a UBI program that would pay families a total of $12,000.

1,000 households with children will be getting pre-paid cards with $1,000 per month loaded onto them.

Families received $2,000 to start the program in Feb. because there were no Jan. payments.

Eligibility requirements include not exceeding 80% of the median income for that area.

For a family of 4 that’s $63,200.

New plan would give $300 monthly child tax credit payments

New York state stimulus worth $1,000

Specific groups struggled when the pandemic started, especially workers in certain sectors.

The Creatives Rebuild New York was created to support those working in the field of arts and humanities.

2,400 artists in the state will see payments of $1,000 for 18 months.

Another 300 will be offered employment with a $65,000 annual salary for two years.

The deadline to apply is March 25.

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