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UBI: Children under 5 could get parents $350 per month

There’s a new UBI program that will send parents of children under the age of 5 $350 per month, starting 4 months before the child’s birth.

cash parents can receive each month under a ubi program

This was announced by Senator Mitt Romney under the Family Security Act.

The Family Security Act is similar to the child tax credit. It would supply families with children monthly payments to offset daily costs.

Anyone with kids ages 6-17 could see $250 per month.

Deadline for $1,000 monthly payments ends today

The most a family could see each month is $1,250.

There will be work requirements in order to participate in the program.

The Social Security Administration will run the program and send the payments each month to children with a SSN.

UBI: New program worth $42 million can help give monthly payments

Families must meet a threshold of at least 80 hours of work per month or job training and volunteer work if they aren’t working a regular job.

This act would also get rid of some aid programs and change the tax code.

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