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IRS: Filing for the first time? Here are some tax tips

Tax season and the IRS can put a lot of stress on people, especially if it’s their first time filing a tax return.

IRS tax forms to submit in order to receive a refund

The IRS is urging Americans to be extra careful this year, because mistakes can cause major delays in processing and refunds.

The IRS is expecting more than 160 million returns this year, according to The Sun.

IRS: How long for refunds to be approved?

Here are 4 ways to make filing for the first time with the IRS easier

Make sure your paperwork is organized, including your W-2 and 1099s.

Students should have received a 1098-T.

Be sure to file these documents as soon as you get them to avoid losing them.

Next, decide which way you want to file a return.

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IRS: What to do about failed tax payment notices

The suggestion is to e-file.

By electronically filing, your refund should be issued within 3 weeks.

You may also mail it, but it risks being lost in the mail and can take up to two months to process.

You can file your taxes for free if you qualify.

Use the IRS’ Free File Program if you make under $73,000.

IRS: When will my refund be direct deposited?

The service offers forms for free with help preparing your return.

Finally, know your deadlines.

The tax due date this year is April 18, but you may request an extension if you need to.

Waiting until the last possible minute runs the risk of making mistakes, which will draw out your tax refund.

If you owe taxes, the failure to pay penalty is 5% per month for what you owe.

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