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IRS: What to do about failed tax payment notices

Often times those who receive letters from the IRS feel a sense of panic, but in the case of a failed tax payment, it can be fixed.

Tax return submitted to the IRS for a refund or tax bill, which sometimes ends up with a notice being issued

This letter could come months after you’ve filed your taxes, so it’s unexpected.

The letter may say you did not pay your tax bill, but you can fix this.

When will my refund be direct deposited?

Why would I get a letter from the IRS saying I didn’t pay my taxes?

The IRS may have missed your tax returns, especially with the issue inflicted thanks to the pandemic.

Thanks to this the agency is temporarily suspending the automatic notices they send about balances, returns not being filed, and other issues arising during a more normal tax year.

IRS notices usually require an immediate response. This led the IRS to suspending them to be able to put their focus on more pressing issues.

According to Marca, it took the IRS 199 days in 2021 to process 6.2 million responses they received thanks to their own notices.

It’s even harder to get through by phone because they receive 1,500 calls per second.

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What to do with your notices from the IRS

If you get this specific notice but you did pay your taxes, there is no rush to respond.

The IRS will continue to process returns.

If you respond, it may help to draw attention to the issue.

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