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1.7 million Golden State Checks left to go out before 2020, when will you get your stimulus check?

After the last round of of stimulus checks went out, California has just about 1.7 million left to send.

The checks are worth between $600 and $1,100.

The goal is for the state to issue the majority of payments before 2022.

Just this week 803,000 more checks went out to California residents.

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800,000 were paper checks and 3,000 were direct deposits.

Once this batch is completely disbursed, there will have been 3.5 million paper checks and 3.8 million direct deposits.

All of these payments are worth $5.1 billion dollars.

After the last 1.7 million go out, 9 million households in all will have received checks.

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The checks are sent every two weeks and most direct deposits have already been made.

Here are the remaining zip codes still waiting for checks

  • 376-584: Nov. 15 – Dec. 3
  • 585-719: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17
  • 720-927: Dec. 13 – Dec. 31
  • 928-999: Dec. 27 – Jan. 11, 2022

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To be eligible for these checks your taxes needed to be filed by Oct. 15.

Your California AGI must be between $1 and $75,000.

You must have been a California resident for over half of 2020 and still be a resident when the payment is issued.

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