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803,000 households can expect stimulus payments worth $600, here’s when

Many California residents can expect stimulus checks worth $600 soon.

Starting Nov. 29, state officials began sending over 800,000 checks that are part of the Golden State Stimulus II Program.

The payments are worth $600 or $1,100, depending on your circumstances, and are going to individuals with income under $75,000.

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This latest batch of checks is worth $561 million dollars.

3,000 of the payments are direct deposit, which should appear in bank accounts within a few business days.

Checks for those with zip codes ending in 585-719 are being sent from now until Dec. 17.

Zip codes ending in 720-927 will go out starting Dec. 13 until Dec. 31.

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7.3 million out of an estimated 9 million have been disbursed so far.

The checks are sent to residents with an AGI of $1-$75,000 who filed their taxes for 2020 by Oct. 15.

Right now there is a surplus of funds worth $31 billion, meaning there’s a chance residents could get another check next year.

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