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Training opens for sports events during COVID-19

The COVID-19 impacts all segments of the population worldwide. It is especially detrimental to members of these social groups within the most vulnerable situations, continuing to transform communities, including people living in poverty situations, older persons, persons with disabilities, youth, and indigenous peoples. Early evidence indicates that the health and economic impacts of the virus are being borne disproportionately by poor people. For instance, homeless people, because they’ll be unable to shelter in situ securely, are more likely to be exposed to the danger COVID-19 virus. People cannot access to running water, refugees, migrants, or displaced persons also stand to suffer both from the pandemic and its aftermath – whether thanks to limited movement and fewer employment opportunity

If not adequately addressed through policy, the social crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic can also increase inequality, exclusion, discrimination, and global unemployment within the medium and future. Comprehensive, universal social protection systems, when in situ, play away permanent role in protecting workers and in reducing the prevalence of poverty, since they act as automatic stabilizers. That is, they supply underlying income security in the least amount of time, thereby enhancing people’s capacity to manage and overcome the shock.

According to the organization and Government of different countries, playing sports in certain areas has been eligible. But there are many considerations to be remembered before playing outdoor games. In this article, we will discuss the safety measure and attention that the Government has put into playing outdoor sports. We all know we are facing many issues because of coronavirus as it is increasing day by day. Well, millions of people are affected by a coronavirus in the last few days. So we have to follow the proper safety measure to play outdoor games.

Why did the Government permit me to play Sports?

Although people are staying at home, players are afraid of their carriers. We all know to give the best performance in sports, we need to have regular practice. So the Government has given specific players to practice for a sports event in particular areas like stadiums. But many safety measures need to be followed for drilling in the stadium. If any of the players did not follow the safety measure, then his/her license will be canceled. These are the words and bets of the Government to practice outdoor games during the COVID-19 period.

Some of the sports played during covid-19.

Well, many games are played in the covid-19 period. Read the article to learn more about the rules that are set up by the Government.


Hockey is granted to play in these coronavirus days. No physical contact aside from in regular play, training in “groups of maximum four to 6 people in a neighborhood of 40x20m” and mandatory usage of the Aarogya Setu app are among the measures listed call at Hockey India’s Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) once training and competitions restart post the lockdown imposed to affect the coronavirus pandemic.

Safety measures to be followed for playing Hockey

  • Training is allowed only to groups of a maximum of 4-6 people per area of 40x20m.
  • The ground should divide into different parts, and the player should maintain 1-meter space between each player.
  • The same set of 3-4 players should practice for a few hours to avoid the spreading of coronavirus.
  • Players should cover their mouths and nose with masks and are compulsory to use the sanitizer regularly.
  • While training players should maintain a distance of a minimum of 1.5m.
  • Groundsmen are to hold out their preparations before the players and staff reach the sector or leave only.
  • Aarogya Setu app should be downloaded on the player’s mobile phones to start practicing.
  • Before leaving the stadium, the players should be checked; they are corona negative or not.


Well, we know cricket also mainly played games worldwide. Cricket needs regular practice for giving the proper performance in the matches of the tournament. So the Government of most of the countries has also allowed cricket for practicing. Although the players can practice in the stadiums, they have to follow all the safety measures. Also, practicing can be done as per rules made by the Government. All the safety measures mentioned in the hockey block are the same for cricket too. Only the difference is that only two teams can practice at a time on the ground for cricket.

Some of the strict precaution to be followed while practicing the game

  • The proper documentation is needed for all the athletes and staff at the center, which are selected and have permits for practicing for sports events.
  • The strict social distance at training centers should be maintained, and the use of PPE kits provided by medical doctors on duty is compulsory. 
  • Sanitation measures should be well maintained at the training areas and stringent supervision of player health.
  • The document by Government reports for the testing of all players who will be training at the stadium.
  • The returning players shall be quarantined till the test results clear them of the Covid-19 virus. The Doctor-in-charge in the stadium should provide final clearance at the respective health centers.
  • To ensure the smooth functioning/structure of the practicing and to realize desired results after the resumption, a correct monitoring process shall be put in situ to ensure early detection of illness within the training group.
  • Physiotherapy and massage are strictly prohibited unless it is necessary. The protocol for such practice should require the players involved to follow essential hygiene measures.
  • Also, the stadium stresses the necessity to make a Covid Task Force at each training center with the Centre-in-charge.


Hockey and cricket are the most sports events all over the world, so why we covered only those. The Government of almost all countries has permitted other sports like basketball, football, badminton and so on. So training for those sports has been started all over the world. Only the main thing is that every member present in practice should follow the proper COVID-19 precautions.

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