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After 4.3 million leave the workforce in August, thousands more go on strike demanding better conditions

Thousands of workers across the nation are ready to quit their jobs for better ones, and in August millions of people left the work force. Businesses and entire industries are struggling to keep employees at a time like this. 10,000 employees went ... MORE
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Some Americans were overpaid unemployment and continue to receive bills to pay it back after already paying

A man from Florida received unemployment when he needed it most and was grateful. By June he realized he was sent to much and returned $517 of it. However, he worries that Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity won’t stop coming after him ... MORE
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IRS, state labor departments tell residents to repay stimulus checks, unemployment benefits

The IRS and state labor departments are telling millions of Americans to repay stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. The benefits distributed during the coronavirus pandemic prevented millions of families from reaching their financial brink. That hasn’t stopped state and federal agencies from ... MORE
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IRS refunds for unemployment: Here’s what you need to know about payments

For months the IRS has been working to clear a massive backlog of unprocessed tax returns. Many Americans are owed hundreds – if not thousands of dollars – as part of unemployment refunds. In short, these tax filers overpaid on unemployment benefits ... MORE
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Unemployment benefits could increase by $300 per week: Democrats push for major enhancement into 2022

Unemployment benefits could be increasing by $300 per week again if lawmakers in Congress have their way. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is pushing members of Congress, including leadership, to include an unemployment expansion in the $3.5 trillion tax and ... MORE
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900K lose unemployment benefits in New York: Hochul says state extension not possible

Nearly 1 million New Yorkers have lost the added $300 in unemployment benefits that was extended through the stimulus package signed into law during the spring. The benefits expired over the Labor Day weekend and means that the weekly enhancements to New ... MORE
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Rochester currently has between 20,000 and 30,000 job openings

Labor Day has passed this year, but the labor market continues to suffer after the pandemic. There are numerous open jobs, but not enough people to fill the positions. Dave Seeley, the new executive director of RochesterWorks!, says that the biggest question ... MORE
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$300 unemployment benefit has expired: Labor force still smaller than before pandemic as child care, COVID, and career changes create chaos

Unemployment benefits for jobless workers in New York expired over the weekend and that means more than a million will have to get back to work. Employers are excited, citing the demand for services and a lack of workers to keep doors ... MORE
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Unemployment benefits expire in New York: How much will jobless workers get per week? How long will it last?

What are ‘normal’ unemployment benefits in New York? Now that the federal coronavirus pandemic unemployment benefits have expired across the U.S. most states are going back to pre-pandemic systems. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, and similar programs from the CARES Act and American Rescue ... MORE
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Will New York extend pandemic unemployment benefits now that $300 federal boost has ended?

Extended pandemic unemployment benefits have effectively ended in the U.S. The programs, which were extended when the American Rescue Plan was signed into law, gave jobless workers between $300 and $600 more in weekly unemployment benefits. While some states opted out early, ... MORE
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Pandemic unemployment assistance expires: 7 million to lose benefits, but could they be extended?

Pandemic unemployment assistance is days away from ending and hopes of an extension look faint. Approximately 7 million jobless workers across the U.S. are preparing for the American Rescue Plan benefits, which put extra money in unemployment programs in many states to ... MORE
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Is a Universal Basic Income program coming to the U.S. soon? How does UBI work?

How does universal basic income work? Will the United States eventually need a Universal Basic Income program? The coronavirus pandemic has made personal financial security difficult, and a simple program could fix that. Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk got behind the ... MORE
Can pandemic unemployment benefits get extended in New York? Lawmakers would need to act soon

Can pandemic unemployment benefits get extended in New York? Lawmakers would need to act soon

Will unemployment benefits be extended in New York? Last week President Joe Biden urged some states dealing with a surge of COVID-19 delta cases to extend benefits. Advocates in states like New York have also been calling for unemployment benefits to be ... MORE
Pandemic unemployment benefits ending soon:  States that ended them early didn’t see boost in work

Will COVID unemployment benefits get extended? States that ended them early saw economic fallout

Did ending coronavirus pandemic unemployment programs early help states reduce unemployment? That was the hope, but a new report shows that the results were mixed. Just 12.5% of workers who lost some or all of their jobless benefits in the 19 states ... MORE
New York falls below minimum threshold for maximum unemployment benefits under federal guidelines

New Yorkers will only be eligible for 13 weeks of extended unemployment benefits by August 9

New York State has officially fallen below the established rate set by the federal government in order to qualify for the highest level of Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits. That means unemployed workers will only be eligible for a maximum of 13 weeks ... MORE