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Which states pay the most and least for unemployment benefits?

Unemployment compensation varies across the US.

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Some states give out a higher monthly benefit than others.

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States with the highest unemployment benefit

If you have been dismissed from your job but it wasn’t your own fault, you could be eligible for unemployment benefits. The compensation amount varies from state to state. Read more about it here.

Unemployment insurance is a federal-state joint system. There are a few basic federal mandates, but other than that, the states can run their programs how they like.

This means that there are no uniform rules to qualify or types of workers who can file.

The highest benefits are in:

  • Washington: $929
  • Massachusetts: $823 (up to $1,234 with dependents)
  • Minnesota: $740
  • New Jersey: $713
  • Connecticut: $649 (up to $724 with dependents)

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States with the lowest unemployment benefit

The states that offer the lowest unemployment payment are:

  • Mississippi: $235
  • Arizona: $240 (increased to $320 starting July 2022)
  • Alabama: $275
  • Florida: $275
  • Louisiana: $275
  • Tennessee: $275

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