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Job resignation rates decline in New York: How does rest of U.S. fare?

In a recent update, WalletHub released a report revealing a decrease in job resignation rates in the United States, with 54,000 fewer Americans quitting their jobs in January compared to the previous month. The report, focusing on 2024’s States With the Highest Job Resignation Rates, placed New York as the state with the second lowest resignation rate in the country. New York’s resignation rate for the latest month was 1.60%, slightly higher than its 12-month average of 1.58%.

Experts weighed in on the implications of the current labor market trends. Jeremy Hill from the Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University emphasized the importance of firms increasing labor productivity and reallocating labor to more profitable segments of their businesses. Hill suggested that with the labor market near full employment, companies that enhance worker output will likely succeed and grow. Giuseppe Moscarini from Yale University shared a similar sentiment, stating that while the trend may stabilize, a significant reversal is unlikely due to the long-term nature of these phenomena.

The discussion also touched on the role of remote working in shaping labor force dynamics. Peter Cappelli from The Wharton School suggested that remote working might have reduced job resignation rates by making jobs more accessible and difficult to leave. Moscarini added that remote work could boost participation rates by easing the balance between work and personal responsibilities, contributing to the stabilization of labor force participation rates post-pandemic.

Overall, the report and expert commentary highlight the evolving labor market and the critical role of productivity and remote work in shaping employment trends.

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