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Stimulus unemployment benefits must be paid back to the state of Georgia

A recent investigation found that Georgia residents were overpaid $84 million in stimulus unemployment.

cash Georgia residents will need to pay back due to stimulus unemployment overpayment

The CBS46 investigation found that the $84 million in stimulus unemployment was made up of collective overpayments.

Now, Georgia wants people to pay the overpayments back.

Whether it was their fault or their employer’s fault, the state is sending notices to have that money paid back.

What does it mean for residents who need to pay back the stimulus unemployment

If you were sent a notice, you may be able to handle the situation without paying.

You can do this by filing an appeal or submitting an overpayment waiver.

One woman told CBS46 that she owes $10,820 due to being paid during a period of disqualification.

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She was approved for unemployment once she applied.

After this, she received overpayment notices.

Overpayments happen from mistakes, according to the Georgia Department of Labor.

This may happen from incorrect reporting of earnings or misspelling your name.

Because the DOL had to pay stimulus unemployment benefits before verifying information, a lot of fraud happened and now they want to recover that money.

So far, thanks to overpayment waivers, the state has waived $289,000.

The waiver process looks at overpayments and determines fairness.

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