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Unemployment: Thousands of Americans have to pay back their unemployment benefits

Georgia claims that some people were overpaid for their unemployment benefits.

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Thousands residents are now being forced to pay back the benefits.

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Can I appeal?

The Georgia Department of Labor(DOL) has issued a statement that thousands of residents were overpaid for their unemployment benefits. The department said that the funds need to be repaid regardless of who is at fault. Many residents are being asked to pay the state thousands of dollars that they don’t have. Find additional details here.

Some residents owe the DOL over $10,000. The state of Georgia overpaid $84 million worth of unemployment benefits. The DOL is working hard to get the money back, they’ve already reclaimed $38 million.

Claimants that were overpaid have been contacted via mail with a written determination of how much they owe. However, if the overpayment isn’t at fault of the resident, it could be cleared. This is called a waiver of recovery.

If you are eligible for a waiver, you’ll get a written notice and money collected for overpayment will be refunded.

If you have been impacted, there is a form that you can complete. You can then email the form to [email protected] or mail it in to:

Georgia Department of Labor
Attn: Overpayment Unit – Waiver Request
PO Box 3433
Atlanta, GA 30302

It will take around 30-45 days to get your refund after it has been submitted.

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