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Planning an Awards Ceremony

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Whether you are planning an award ceremony for your workplace or for your local community, a well executed ceremony can leave a really lovely impression on those who attend. It can also end up becoming an annual event that everybody wants to be involved with. This allows you to sell tickets and to raise some money for a charity or for a business or for a good cause. 

No matter what, planning an award ceremony takes a lot of detail and that means you need to be putting as much planning into place as early as possible. This is so that you can create an event that is remembered. It is meticulous planning and detailed considerations that makes an award ceremony as memorable as possible. So let’s take a look at some of the tips that will help you to plan the best award ceremony this year.

  1. Define its purpose. Are you planning an award ceremony to celebrate your team at work? Or are you planning well for the community to showcase local businesses and elevate their names? Every single award ceremony has a purpose behind it. Nobody’s just handing out a crystal award or glass or trophies to people for no reason. The answer to this question is going to help to shape the theme and the structure of the entire event because with a clear purpose in mind, you have an event ceremony that has intention.  When you’re defining this purpose, make sure that you brainstorm all the award categories that align with the event’s objectives so that you know which crystal awards to buy and what to engrave them with.
  2. Decide on your budget. Some award ceremonies are huge with massive budgets that allow for large events ceremonies with PR and photographers. However, if you’re just planning an award ceremony for your workplace, then you need to look at your working budget and go from there. A well defined budget should have an account for every potential cost from venue hire to decorations, videographers, event promotion and more. You also have to think about the cost of the awards that you’re planning to buy and engrave.
  3. Don’t just settle on the first venue that you find. Choosing the right venue for your awards ceremony is a big deal, and it does have a big impact on the overall atmosphere. If you’re planning workplace awards, for example, then hiring out the best meeting room is lovely, but it’s probably not going to feel as grandiose as you’d like it to be. Several factors should be thought about in this decision from the location to the parking facilities, accessibility and whether it has the right amenities. If you’re looking to host an award ceremony with a few 100 people, then the venue should accommodate that.
  4. Consider the awards. The awards themselves are the centerpiece of the ceremony. Are you handing out plastic gold medals or are you going for the fully engraved crystal award that shows people that they have been really thought of? Spend time researching the suppliers to find those high quality and attractive awards that fit the budget. Look at the awards are going to have quite an impression on people, so if they know that they’re going to be getting a proper award, that makes a difference. Think about it in the way that the Oscars differ from the Grammys. Everybody wants an Oscar.
  5. Design an amazing program. Every award ceremony should have a program of events laid out within it so that everybody knows the order of events for the night. It’s not just about handing out awards. You should have elements such as live entertainment or keynote speakers that are relevant to the field. There should be multimedia presentations and even a celebrity guest that can present the awards to everybody. The celebrity guest doesn’t have to be a movie star.By the way, it can just be a local entrepreneur. You should design the event programs so that there’s a clear structure that everybody understands how the night’s going to go and where they’re going to be fitting in.
  6. Send out your invitations early. If you’re going to be putting on an award ceremony then people need notice to be able to free up their time. Once you start sending out invitations, make sure that they are physical invites and not evites, and then make sure that you have a process for managing the RSVP so that you know who’s on the guest list and who isn’t. Once you have all of the invitations out and the RSVPs have been responded to, you can start setting up your table plan.
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