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Geneva celebrates Arbor Day with tree giveaway event

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The Shade Tree Committee of Geneva organized a tree giveaway on Saturday at the Geneva Recreation Center, marking an innovative approach to Arbor Day celebrations. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., city residents drove by to pick up saplings, ensuring the event adhered to social-distancing protocols established during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s giveaway offered a selection of six tree species, continuing Geneva’s tradition as a Tree City USA—a recognition first awarded in 2008 by the Arbor Day Foundation for the city’s commitment to urban forest management.

Previously, Arbor Day events in Geneva involved local school children and community members gathering to plant trees and participate in educational activities. However, the pandemic led to the cancellation of these gatherings, prompting the committee to shift to a no-contact tree distribution model. This change allowed residents to safely continue participating in this vital community and environmental effort.

The committee encouraged residents to plant the saplings in suitable locations within their yards, considering factors like sunlight exposure and proximity to utilities. The event supported Geneva’s ongoing goals to enhance its urban forest, improve air quality, and increase biodiversity. Detailed planting instructions were provided with each sapling to ensure successful growth and integration into Geneva’s diverse ecological landscape.