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New York leads U.S. for landline usage, report says

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New York has emerged as the top state for landline phone usage in the nation, a new study by revealed. While landline phones are on the decline across the United States, 52.4% of New Yorkers still use one, making it the state with the highest percentage of landline users.

The study highlighted that New York’s figures starkly contrast with the national average, where just over 26% of adults maintain a landline phone. In New York, this translates to about 8.1 million people with landlines compared to 7.2 million without.

Despite the digital age pushing more towards mobile use, landlines remain prevalent, especially in the Northeast. The study noted that over 40% of adults in the Eastern Seaboard states still hold onto their landline phones, accounting for part of the 68.9 million people nationwide who continue to use them.

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