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Newark details how $4M grants will be used for water system upgrades

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The Village of Newark has received over $4 million in grants to replace the century-old Allerton Hill Reservoir with a new above-ground tank, enhancing the water distribution system’s safety and efficiency. Constructed in 1918 and last updated in the early 1990s, the existing reservoir has become costly to maintain due to its open-air design and aging floating membrane cover.

This funding package includes a $3.59 million grant from the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA), along with $1.8 million in short-term interest-free financing and $724,185 from the federal assistance grant under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These financial resources will support the replacement project, aimed at improving service for Newark and neighboring communities like Port Gibson, Lyons, and Arcadia.

Governor Hochul emphasized the investment’s role in addressing water quality challenges, ensuring New Yorkers have access to reliable and clean water. Newark Mayor Taylor highlighted the benefits of transitioning to an above-ground tank, noting the reduced maintenance burden and increased reliability for the village’s water system.