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Social Security double payment coming for SSI seniors in May

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Beneficiaries eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will see an additional payment in May, part of the routine five-round payout cycle for SSI recipients, retired workers, survivors, and disabled individuals. This extra disbursement is unique to SSI recipients, attributed to June’s payment landing on a Saturday.

Why is there a double social security payment in May 2024?

Typically, SSI beneficiaries receive their monthly allotments on the first day of each month, barring weekends or holidays. With June 1st coinciding with a Saturday this year, recipients will receive a dual payment: the standard May SSI allocation on Wednesday, May 1st, and June’s installment on Friday, May 31st.

How much will recipients receive for May’s double SSI payment?

The SSI program aims to aid working adults earning under $1,971 monthly, with exceptions for couples and parents seeking child support. Applicants must meet income and resource criteria, with varying limits based on filing status. For example, individual and joint asset caps stand at $2,000 and $3,000 respectively, while parents filing for a child may see an increase to $2,000.

Moreover, SSI aspirants must meet stringent medical standards aligned with Social Security guidelines, necessitating significant physical or mental impairments expected to persist for at least 12 months. Proof via medical documentation is mandatory, alongside a demonstration of inability to secure gainful employment within the broader economy, regardless of local job availability.

The double SSI payment will reflect the program’s federal base rates: up to $943 for individuals, $1,415 for couples, with an added $472 for those qualifying under the essential person (EP) category. Meanwhile, average monthly incomes vary by age group, ranging from $814 for minors to $574 for seniors.

How to see if you are eligible for SSI payments

Recipients can leverage the SSI tool within their “my Social Security account” to assess eligibility and initiate the application process, which typically takes under ten minutes. Upon approval, payments commence from the protective filing date. Eligibility for SSI payments changes from year to year.

Future double SSI payments in 2024

Looking ahead, additional double payments are slated two more times this year, aligning with the monthly SSI schedule.

Below, you will find the upcoming double payments scheduled for this year: 

MonthRegular SSI paymentExtra SSI payment
MayWednesday, 1st of the monthFriday, May 31st 
AugustThursday, 1st of the monthFriday, August 30th
NovemberFriday, 1st of the monthFriday, November 29th
Expect Double Social Security Payments in May, August & November 2024

Lastly, Americans meeting requirements may qualify for both SSI and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) programs, streamlining application processes without the need for separate submissions. However, the maximum SSI payment is capped at two installments, should an individual be eligible for both programs.

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