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Wayne students shine at SUNY Oswego Tech Wars

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Wayne Central middle and high school students demonstrated their technical and creative skills at the Tech Wars event at the State University of New York at Oswego on Friday, March 22. The event challenged students with various engineering and design competitions, ranging from CO2 Dragster Races to the Rube Goldberg Challenge.

Participants engaged in inventive projects like Balsa Bridge building and Cardboard Boat Regatta, showcasing their problem-solving abilities and engineering prowess. The day was filled with energy as students competed in categories like Air Racers, Mousetrap Cars, and innovative Cardboard Furniture design, pushing the boundaries of their educational experiences.

The competition highlighted numerous successes. Middle school top performers included Stone Sozio and Joyce Wildey, while high school standouts were Ilianna Surowiec and Cooper Jackson. The event celebrated students’ dedication and innovation, marking another successful year at Tech Wars.