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Sheriff talks enhanced safety measures for solar eclipse in Wayne County

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Wayne County Sheriff Rob Milby has shifted focus this month to discuss the extensive preparations for the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, expected to draw significant crowds to the area. With Wayne County situated directly in the path of totality, local authorities anticipate an influx of visitors seeking the best view away from city lights. Acknowledging the potential for heavy traffic and safety concerns, the sheriff’s office, in collaboration with Emergency Management Director George Bastedo, has developed comprehensive plans to ensure public safety and minimize disruptions.

Sheriff Milby detailed the proactive measures in place, including the cancellation of all leave for law enforcement personnel and the establishment of extra patrols and response teams. Key strategies involve traffic management, emergency response readiness, and coordination with various first responders and public safety agencies to provide seamless coverage throughout the county. The sheriff emphasized the importance of community preparation, advising residents to complete essential errands before the eclipse weekend and to consider remote work arrangements to avoid traffic congestion.

Highlighting lessons learned from past eclipses, the county’s approach underscores the importance of readiness for large-scale events. Sheriff Milby reassured the public of the department’s commitment to safety and efficient traffic flow, ensuring that Wayne County remains a welcoming and secure location for witnessing this historic astronomical event. Residents and visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and stay informed through official county and sheriff’s office communications.

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