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Upstate Upgrade: National Grid unveils major plan to enhance grid across state

National Grid announced a major initiative, the Upstate Upgrade, with plans to invest over $4 billion in enhancing the energy delivery system across Upstate New York. This transformative project aims to bolster grid resilience and foster economic growth by undertaking more than 70 transmission upgrade projects through 2030. The initiative is poised to generate thousands of jobs and contribute more than a billion dollars to regional economic growth, ensuring a sustainable energy future for New Yorkers.

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The Upstate Upgrade is designed to meet the increasing demand for electricity, driven by new industries and the statewide push for renewable energy sources. According to Rudy Wynter, National Grid New York President, this extensive portfolio of projects will significantly improve the grid’s reliability and capacity to deliver clean energy. The initiative aligns with New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, aiming to enhance the energy grid’s resilience against extreme weather and other threats while supporting the clean energy transition.

The project’s economic impact extends beyond grid modernization, promising to stimulate local economies through job creation and increased economic output. National Grid’s commitment to this large-scale investment underscores its dedication to advancing New York’s energy infrastructure and economic vitality. The Upstate Upgrade is set to redefine the state’s energy landscape, preparing it for a cleaner, more efficient, and resilient future.