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Homebuyers Tax Credit: How would $10,000 help purchase a new home?

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In an effort to make homeownership more attainable amid skyrocketing prices and climbing interest rates, President Joe Biden unveiled a groundbreaking proposal during his State of the Union address. Aimed at assisting Americans struggling to purchase their first home or upgrade to a bigger one, the initiative introduces a potential $10,000 tax credit for both first-time buyers and current homeowners looking to sell their starter homes.

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This ambitious proposal, which must still clear Congress, has sparked enthusiasm among affordable housing advocates. David M. Dworkin, CEO of the National Housing Council, hailed Biden’s address as “the most consequential on housing in over half a century.” Moody’s associate economist, Nick Luettke, underscored the pressing need for such measures, pointing out the widespread concern over housing affordability across various demographics and political affiliations.

Under Biden’s plan, first-time homebuyers could qualify for an annual tax credit of $5,000 for two years, totaling $10,000. Current homeowners who sell their “starter home” to another owner-occupant, rather than an investor, could also receive a one-time tax credit of up to $10,000. This initiative targets “middle-class families,” capping eligibility at households earning less than $200,000 annually.

As the nation grapples with the challenges of housing affordability, this proposal stands as a beacon of hope for millions of Americans aspiring to own a home. However, its fate now rests with Congress, where it must be enacted before it can benefit the public.

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