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Republican Brian Manktelow will seek fourth term in Assembly

Republican Assemblyman Brian Manktelow has announced his bid for a fourth term in New York’s 130th District, encompassing Wayne County and Webster town in Monroe County. Manktelow faces opposition from Democrat James Schuler, a prominent community activist from Newark. Manktelow’s re-election campaign emphasizes his commitment to representing the values and vision of his constituents, a stance he has maintained throughout his six years in office.

Manktelow’s announcement stresses the importance of regional representation in the face of a state agenda he perceives as overly focused on New York City. He voices concern over the influence of special interest groups and city politicians, advocating for the protection of the future for local families and cultures. His stance is to prevent the region’s interests from being overshadowed by the metropolitan agenda.

The incumbent’s candidacy has garnered support from key political figures. MaryAnne Nicosia McCarthy, Wayne County Republican Committee Chair, praises Manktelow as an exceptional assemblyman and leader. Patrick Reilly, Monroe County GOP Chairman, commends his dedicated service to the people of Webster, and Michael Garlock, Wayne County Conservative Chairman, recognizes him as a reliable and sensible leader for Wayne County.