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Odessa-Montour school board appoints new superintendent

The Odessa-Montour School Board has officially named James P. Nolan as the new School Superintendent, effective January 1, 2025. Nolan, currently the Building Principal at B.C. Cate Elementary School, will start as Deputy Superintendent from July 1 for a six-month transitional period. He will take over from Tracy Marchionda, the interim superintendent who has held the position for over a year.

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Nolan brings a diverse background to his new role, including experience in law enforcement and elementary education, as well as having served as the district’s Tech Director for three years. He is in his fourth year at B.C. Cate and is also a member of the Montour Falls Village Board.

The board said that Nolan’s selection followed an “internal evaluation” of the district’s needs. The board’s decision reflects their confidence in Nolan’s capabilities to lead the district forward.