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PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: Who won? Who lost? Who will be on the ballot in November?

Primary Day 2023 is officially in the books. The polls have closed and results have been posted below. There were a number of immensely important local races. Scroll through this comprehensive list of all races to see how candidates fared in your community.

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Cayuga County

***Complete Unofficial Results ***

Conquest Town Clerk (Republican)

Rochelle Daggett: 11
Lisa Tortorello: 39

County Legislator (District 1) (Republican)

James Basile: 114
Alan Simmons: 151

Mentz Town Supervisor (Republican)

Mark Emerson: 29
Richard Nielens: 22

Montezuma Town Clerk (Republican)

June Smith: 6
Marie Cronin: 29

Niles Town Supervisor (Republican)

David Denman: 29
Steven Cuddeback: 64

Niles Town Council (Republican, two available)

Allan Badman: 83
Tamara Severson: 44
Bernard Juli: 46
Joan Jayne: 45
Clarence Edmonds: 46

Throop Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Frederick Robinson: 73
Joe McBride: 77

Throop Republican Committee (Four available)

Lydia Patti Ruffinin: 47
Bruce Ruffini: 44
Edward Ringmacher: 43
Patricia McBride: 76
Michael Butler: 55
Frederick Robinson: 73
Sarah Delfavero: 85
Nancy Sullivan: 66
Paul Ryan: 64

Victory Town Council (Republican, two available)

Robin Bartholomew: 57
Mark Southwick: 51
Victoria Wallace: 48

Victory Republican Committee (Four available)

Trevor Cady: 60
Victoria Wallace: 49
Patrick Coleman: 51
Todd Scruton: 53
Mary Quimby: 45
Caleb Lozzio: 49

Ontario County

*** Complete Unofficial Results ***

County Clerk (Democrat)

Heidi Barend-Guerrie: 1,147
Elizabeth Yockel: 1,646

Coroner (Republican, two available)

Michael John: 696
James Devaney: 859
Thomas Cheney: 1,154

Gorham Supervisor (Republican)

Brian Lazarus: 52
Dale Stell: 187

Geneva Mayor (Democrat)

Jan Regan: 716
Steve Valentino: 277

Geneva City Council (at-large) (Democrat, two available)

John Brennan: 653
Anthony Noone: 337
Ahmad Whitfield: 687

Geneva City Council (Democrat, Ward 4)

Peter Gillotte: 82
RJ Rapoza: 86

Geneva City Council (Democrat, Ward 5)

Will Wolf: 59
James Petropoulos: 33

Schuyler County

*** Complete Unofficial Results ***

Orange Town Supervisor (Republican)

Heather Waters: 142
Norma Burris: 42

Orange Town Council (2-year term) (Republican)

Richard Hendrick: 58
Thomas Meighan: 41
Joanne Randall: 81

Orange Town Council (4-year term) (Republican)

Maryann Friebis: 52
Misty Simms: 61
Tara Garcia: 65

Reading Town Council (Republican, two available)

Cheryl Richtmyer: 66
Jamie Rumsey: 71
Karen Storm: 16

Seneca County

*** Complete Unofficial Results ***

Lodi Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Rick Jacot: 34
Kenneth Landers: 37

Romulus Town Supervisor (Republican)

Peter Jennings: 27
David Hayes: 33

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor (Republican)

Frank Schmitter: 343
Michael Ferrara: 195

Seneca Falls Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Jeremy Wendt: 266
Ed Thurston: 252

Ovid Highway Superintendent (Republican)

Jeremy Huff: 39
Jay Dey: 35

Tyre Town Council (Republican, two available)

Jeffrey Bennett: 33
Craig Bishop: 26
Kenneth Sutterby: 43

Wayne County

*** Complete Unofficial Results ***

County Judge (Republican)

Dan Majchrzak: 831
John Grow: 1,029

Sodus Town Council (Republican, two available)

Dale Pickering: 188
Christian Tertinek: 209
Cathy Willmott: 184

Sodus Highway Superintendent

Jared Laird: 69
Zack Shove: 24

Sodus Village Trustee (Republican, two available)

John Nesbitt: 67
William Kallusch Jr.: 67
Phil Leone: 51

Yates County

*** Complete Unofficial Results ***

Benton Town Council (Republican, two available)

Alan Tomion: 87
Richard Harper: 81
Steven Hullings: 35