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Sports-betting experts weigh in on mobile activity this NFL season: “It’s huge in New York” (video)

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  • Rebecca Swift 

John Sullivan is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic.

“Both my sister and my father went to Notre Dame,” Sullivan said. “That was like a religious experience in my house watching a Notre Dame football game. It’s just something that’s been a part of my environment since I was a little kid.”

Now, he has a podcast called Sportsbook Confidential, where each his goal is to help listeners learn and grow as sports bettors.

Since mobile sports betting became legal in January here in New York, he’s been busy. Especially since the NFL season started last week.

“Now with mobile betting there are so many more options,” Sullivan explained. “You can place a bet from your phone any time you want. You can place it before the game or during the game. After you’ve placed the bet, you can chose to cash the bet out. Sometimes for more money or less money than you bet originally. But it gives you all these options that are very similar to like trading stocks or commodities.”

Sullivan says there are nine operators in New York.

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DraftKings director of sports operations explains use

One of them is the mobile app DraftKings.

We spoke with Johnny Avello, who is its director of race and sports operations.

Avello says with Draftkings, you can bet on who will win a football game, what the score will be, and it doesn’t stop there.

“You can bet certain players on how many rushing yards they will get, how many passes or completed passes a quarterback will make,” Avello said. “And a lot of this is not only pre game a lot of this takes place during the game. So you’re able to bet on pretty much anything.”

And it’s not just for the NFL, it’s for each and every sport out there, Avello says.

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Opening apps to New Yorkers was seamless

Avello says it’s been a smooth transition opening things up to New Yorkers.

“The great thing about the app is that we’ve had this now in 18 states over the course of three years,” Avello explained. “If there were any bugs early, and there weren’t many initially back in 2018, we’ve kind of worked those out. So when we flip a switch now for a new state it kind of works seamlessly.”

According to state data, DraftKings mobile sports wagering handle was more than $377 million back in January.  Last month, it was more than $244 million.

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More people betting because it’s easier

Sullivan says the sports-betting industry is exploding in New York. He says that’s because there are lots of people who wouldn’t have placed a bet until now. 

“That’s the one great thing about regulated sports books as opposed to going to your local bookie on the corner that’s operating illegally or shady, is that you’re gonna get paid,” Sullivan said. “If you win, you’re gonna get paid. I’m a competition guy. I want to win.  So I want to reap the rewards of my win.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with a gambling addiction, apps like DraftKings have resources available. There is also a free, confidential help line in New York. That number is 1-877-8-HOPENY.

Fun facts for betting enthusiasts

Here are some New York stats we got from DraftKings.

The top 5 most bet games in NY since launching in the state:
LA Rams @ CIN Bengals (Super Bowl)
CIN Bengals @ KC Chiefs (AFC Championship)
SF 49ers @ LA Rams (NFC Championship)
BUF Bills @ KC Chiefs (AFC Playoffs 1/23)
BUF Bills @ LA Rams (NFL Opening Night)

The most bet non-NFL game was the College Football National Championship #3 Georgia vs #1 Alabama, and that is the 6th most bet game overall since launch.