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Mobile sports betting apps attracting new, younger bettors, leading to concerns about problem gambling

Now that we can bet on sports on our phones, the people who offer resources to problem gamblers are worried that a new generation might get carried away with mobile betting and become problem gamblers.

Jenna Hotaling is Team Leader with the Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center, a program of the NY  Council on Problem Gambling. She says because mobile sports betting is so new in New York, there’s not a lot of hard data, but she says early indications are the apps are attracting people who’ve never placed bets before, particularly young people.

New Yorkers wagered $150 million the first weekend mobile betting became legal. Of course, the biggest sports betting day of the year is coming up. Americans wagered a record $158 million on the Super Bowl in 2018, with one in every 14 people in the US betting on the game.

If you suspect you have a betting problem, here’s where you can get help. Listen to my full conversation with Jenna Hotaling below: