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Ten items you should always buy at the dollar store

Dollar stores tend to have good deals.

Here are ten products you should always pick up, and one you should always avoid.

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1. Baking mixes

Grocery shopping is expensive, so its always a good idea to pick up some basics at your local dollar store to save some money. If you’re willing to sacrifice name brands, you can save lots of money on everyday essentials. One of those items is baking mixes. They have a long shelf life and are versatile. The mixes can be used to make cakes, cookies, or other treats. Dollar stores usually have a few different brands to chose from too.

2. Bread

If you don’t have a prefered bread brand, consider picking it up at the dollar store. Some loaves are cost 70 cents less than most competitors. There are often deals on brands like Oroweat, Sara Lee and Thomas.

3. Candy

Candy is usually cheaper at dollar stores. However, the best time to go is around holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween, to get the best candy deals.

4. Coffee filters

Coffee filters can be expensive at large retailers. Both Dollar Tree and Dollar General markdown the standard cost significantly.

5. Disposable baking pans

If you ever need disposable foil making containers, be sure to get them from the dollar store. They are sold for pretty cheap in multi-packs and come in handy in the kitchen.

6. Food storage containers

Plastic food storage containers are sold considerably cheaper at dollar stores than than their name-brand counterparts at popular retail store.

7. Frozen food

It is always good to have extra food in the freezer. They usually carry popular products that are well liked and are cheaper than many competitors.

8. Picnic supplies

Plastic utensils, napkins, cups and picnic blankets are all available and affordable of dollar stores.

9. Spices

Dollar stores have a great variety of dried spices and seasonings available for a very affordable price.

10. Tote bags

You’ll need a place to put all of the items you bought, and the dollar store can help you out there too. You can buy reusable tote bags singularly or in bulk. The tote bags will save you money in the long run and are versatile.

What item should I avoid?

Despite all of the great deals, there is one item you’ll want to avoid buying at the dollar store. Cereal is more expensive at dollar stores than many of their competitors. Typically, you’ll be buying a smaller box that is more expensive per ounce.

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