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Dollar Tree: Seven items you should not buy

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Dollar Tree can have some great saving opportunities.

However, there are seven items you’ll want to avoid because you can find a better deal.

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Which items should I avoid?

Lots of people decide to shop at Dollar Tree because most items in the store cost around $1.25. Although they do offer a variety of bargains, there are eight items that you can get cheaper elsewhere.

When doing a price comparison be sure to account for the quantity and weight too. Here are the eight items you should avoid buying at Dollar Tree:

  1. Plastic plates and table cloths
    • It is important to keep in mind that prices do vary by location. At Walmart, you can get the same amount of table cloth for only 97 cents.
  2. Name brand dish soap
    • The price tag may seem enticing, but at Walmart an 8-oz bottle of Ajax dishwashing soap costs $1.24, which is cheaper than Dollar Tree.
  3. Paper goods
    • Dollar Tree also charges more than Walmart’s 88 sheet paper towel roll for 58 cents.
  4. Wipes
    • Three separate brands sell wipes for $1.24 per pack or less at Walmart.
  5. Canned food
    • As mentioned above, most items are $1.25 at the Dollar Tree, including most canned goods. At Walmart, a 15.25-oz can of corn sells for 58 cents.
  6. Candy bars
    • Individually wrapped candy bars can be found cheaper at several other retailers.
  7. Garbage bags and zip lock bags
    • Dollar Tree sells a 7 pack of Hefty slide quart bags for $1.25– which equals about 18 cents per bag. Walmart sells a 25 count package for $2.72– which is 11 cents per bag. And garbage bags tend to cost even more.
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