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Home » News » Stimulus payments of $750 for Minnesota workers deadline is July 22, 2022

Stimulus payments of $750 for Minnesota workers deadline is July 22, 2022

Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota recently passed a measure that rewards frontline workers with $750 stimulus payments.

Cash frontline workers in Minnesota could see from stimulus payments/

This was a bipartisan agreement to thank frontline workers in the state for working during the pandemic.

Walz shared that he was proud that Minnesota shows that divided legislatures can come together to form an agreement.

Eligibility for the stimulus payments in Minnesota

There are specific professions who can apply for the stimulus payments.

This includes

  • Long-term care and home care workers
  • Health care workers
  • Emergency responders
  • Those in the public health, social service and regulatory services
  • Individuals working in courts and corrections
  • Those engaged in child care services
  • Those working in the education, including charter schools, state schools and higher education
  • Any one involved in food services: production, processing, preparation, sale and delivery
  • Retail Workers: sales, fulfilment, distribution and delivery
  • Those who work with temporary shelters and hotels
  • Individuals in building services: maintenance, janitorial and security
  • Public transit workers
  • Ground and air transportation workers
  • Those working in the manufacturing sector
  • Anyone engaged in vocational rehabilitation

In order to qualify for the stimulus payment, workers may not have accepted unemployment benefits for more than 20 weeks.

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Applications close July 22, 2022.

Over 900,000 applications have been submitted.

This means if more people qualify, the payments could be lowered from the expected $750.

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