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Food Stamps and how the SNAP Restaurant Meals Program works

The Restaurant Meals Program, or RMP, is a food stamps program run through SNAP that allows a specific population to buy food at restaurants with EBT cards.

restaurants meals that can be purchased using food stamps

The meals are typically hot and prepared, which are not normally allowed with food stamps.

The creation of the program is to help people currently collecting benefits that may not be able to make their own meals or prepare and store food.

Food stamps and restaurant meals

Only some states allow this program, so in order to use it you must currently be receiving food stamps in an approved RMP state.

All household members must meet at least one of the following requirements to qualify for the program

  • Be elderly, at least 60 years old
  • Have a disability, receiving disability or retirement benefits for a permanent disability
  • Be homeless
  • Have a partner with SNAP benefits who qualifies for this program

Food Stamps: What do I do if my SNAP application is pending?

Restaurants must meet the following requirements to be approved for the program

  • Reside in a state with a RMP
  • Have state approval with a signed contract to provide FNS
  • Be allowed to accept SNAP benefits under FNS

States are allowed to create their own requirements for which restaurants may accept food stamps.

You need to submit a FNS 252-2 application to FNS with your signed agreement from the state to get the SNAP authorization.

Those who wish to use their EBT card at participating restaurants will have a card specific to them. This allows the purchase to happen.

This means not just anyone with an EBT card can use it at participating restaurants.

If they try and they’re not eligible, the card will be automatically rejected.

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