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Some residents see as much as $2,550 from their state with stimulus or UBI payments

Stimulus checks have been sent by local governments after the federal stimulus payments helped so many people, and so do UBI payments.

cash stimulus ubi payments some state residents could see

While this is helpful for Americans, what has been even more helpful are UBI programs.

The difference between stimulus payments and UBI payments is that stimulus payments only happen one time.

UBI, or Universal Basic Income, payments are recurring.

This could mean weekly, monthly, or even annually.

Here are 10 places offering UBI payments, similar to stimulus payments

Alaska is giving payments to its residents out of the Alaska Permanent Fund, which is a yearly payment.

This gives residents of the state a piece of the state oil revenue.

This year’s payment is worth $2,550 and you must be a resident for at least one year with no felonies or jail time to qualify.

Alexandria, Virginia is giving 150 people UBI payments worth $500 per month for two years.

The program ends in Dec. 2023.

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Phoenix, Arizona residents are getting debit cards with $1,000 on them for one year.

A family of four cannot have a household income that exceeds $63,200 to qualify.

650 Black women in Atlanta, Georgia will see UBI payments of $850 for two years.

Single mothers in Birmingham, Alabama will see $375 per month for one year.

110 mothers will be chosen for the UBI program.

Cambridge, Massachusetts will give 120 young people $500 per month for 18 months.

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Also in Massachusetts is Chelsea, where 2,000 people will see a monthly payment worth between $200 and $400.

5,000 families in Chicago will see a monthly payment of $500 for one year under their pilot program.

This is one of the largest pilot programs in the entire country.

Compton, California is giving 800 people $1,800 each month for two years under their Compton Pledge UBI program.

Finally, Columbia, South Carolina is helping out 100 low income fathers with debit cards worth $500 each month.

Stimulus checks worth $1,050 being sent in New York State

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