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UBI: Families in Maryland can get $500 a month- are you eligible?

There is a new proposal for a universal basic income program.

UBI program

If passed, families in Maryland could get $500 per month.

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How will the program work?

If passed, this program would give 100 families in Annapolis, Maryland $500 a month. The plan will cost $800,000 and would be funded by aid given through the American Rescue Act. Find additional details here.

Details on the program as far as income limit and duration aren’t clear yet. The proposal comes from Alderman DaJuan Gay of Ward 6. He notes that the program would be formatted similarly to another UBI program that was launched in Stockton, California.

The program gave 125 qualifying residents $500 a month for two years. It lasted until February 2021. The income requirement was an annual income below $46,034.

Results found the program successful. The additional income reduced the volatility among participants and helped them find full-time work.

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