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Stimulus payments are being issued by states, but look out for scams

Many states have started issuing stimulus payments after it was determined a federal check was unlikely, but with that comes scams.

scam warning for Americans to be on the look out for stimulus related scams

Millions were still looking to the government for a fourth round to help as inflation soared and gas prices rose.

The search for additional stimulus checks rose on Google Trends, with the most searches coming out of West Virginia, according to 1945.

The search is happening less now due to the fact that it’s unlikely happening, but now states are taking on the task.

The IRS wants to remind people that while there are legitimate stimulus programs, be wary of scams

Scammers are taking to social media, phone calls, and emails to try and steal money by promising stimulus checks to Americans.

Other scams include using unemployment information and false employment offers to get personal information from Americans.

That information is then used to file tax returns and take their refunds.

The pandemic has boosted the amount of scamming there is.

Scam warning: Economic impact payment scam for $850 relief check

Look out for fake stimulus checks

Fake stimulus checks have been one of the most problematic scams out there.

People are urged to ignore emails, texts, or phone calls asking for bank information. They should also ignore someone asking for them to click a link to verify their information.

The IRS will never reach out by phone or email asking for personal information regarding stimulus payments.

If you notice something you’re expecting is missing in the mail from the IRS, let your Post Office know.

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