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SSI: Can kids qualify for Social Security?

The Social Security Administration runs various programs, including a disability benefit program for millions of Americans.

social security benefit application for things like SSI benefits

This program benefits both children and adults with disabilities with SSI, or Supplemental Security Income.

In 2021, 65 million Americans were getting some sort of benefit from the SSA.

Social Security: How to apply for benefits

Retirement benefits are the most common, but SSI is collected by adults and children with disabilities each month as well.

Those who are blind may also qualify for SSI.

You must meet specific income standards before you’ll qualify.

Who can get disability benefits from Social Security?

Children who qualify for SSI will do so based on two things.

First, there needs to be a physical or mental disability.

Second, the child or their parents must need the financial help SSI provides.

SSI: June 2022 payment schedule

The physical or mental disability must present a serious limit to their activities and needs to have existed or be expected to exist for at least one year.

When applying, financial information must be provided.

This includes the household’s income and any assets or resources owned.

Other benefits may not be included, which includes tax refunds, food stamps, and some educational grants.

The more income you have that can be counted, the less the SSI benefit will be for the child.

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