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SSI: June 2022 payment schedule

Millions of Americans collect SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, every month from the Social Security Administration.

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The schedule released by the SSA shows that the next payment for beneficiaries will be made Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

SSI provides monthly payment benefits to disabled, blind, and elderly adults as well as children who qualify.

Those that qualify have little to no income or resources.

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Additional SSI benefits

Many states participate in programs that give beneficiaries an additional SSI payment with their government payment.

The federal maximum benefit for single people is $841 per month in 2022.

For couples, that amount is $1,261.

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What you receive depends on income, living situations, and other factors that go into the decision.

Many who qualify for SSI may also qualify for SNAP benefits, or food stamps.

Supplemental Security Income and SNAP are run by different entities.

They often use the same kinds of parameters to determine eligibility.

SSI payments

SSI benefits go out on the first of the month.

This only changes if that date falls on a weekend or holiday.

The Friday or business day before the first will be when payments are sent instead.

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