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Social Security: How to apply for benefits

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security benefits each month, so knowing how to apply beforehand is important.

social security application for benefits from the SSA

There are some basic things to know before you apply for benefits.

You need to understand how it works, know the basics, and be prepared with documents for your application.

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Here are some basics about Social Security benefits from the SSA

First, you will want to understand the basic things.

You can start collecting benefits as young as 62, or as old as age 70.

You should know what age to apply will work best for you, because the age you choose impacts how much you receive each month.

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The biggest things you should further educate yourself on include

  • How you’ll qualify for benefits
  • How your age and what you make impact Social Security benefits
  • What to think about when deciding to start benefits
  • Your spouses and family members retirement benefits

The process for applying for Social Security benefits

  • Collect all information and documents needed
  • Submit your application after fully completing it
  • Wait for the SSA to review your application
  • Receive your decision letter
  • Start your benefits
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