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Can America’s power grid handle the high demand this summer?

Temperatures this summer are expected to be higher than average nationwide.

power lines

America’s power grids are outdated and this could push it to maximum capacity.

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Does this mean there will be blackouts?

Meteorologists are predicting that this summer will be hotter and drier than normal. They are attributing this to La Nina, which is also causing a similar weather pattern in Europe. La Nina similar to El Niño, which  is an “oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon that can last up to five months” according to the NOAA.

La Nina usually occurs roughly every two years. During this, the West Coast usually will see “upwelling increases, bringing cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface.” This can lead to drought in the southern United States and rain and flooding in the Pacific Northwest.

Nationwide, there will likely be higher temperatures. This becomes dangerous when combined with the potential of drought, as California and surrounding states enter fire season.

All the heat will mean increased energy use to stay cool. NERC has concerns, particularly in the Midwest, about the power grid’s ability to handle the increased demand.  Several parts of the United States are at an increased risk of energy shortfalls.

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