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CONCRETE JUNGLE: Not an Ideal Weekend (podcast)

Not every day can be Christmas, and the four teams covered on Concrete Jungle certainly lived it over the weekend. The Yankees lost the weekend home series to the White Sox. Paul Russo and Kyle Evans break down the struggles for the Bronx Bombers including Aroldis Chapman blowing another save. Josh Donaldson made headlines for his continued beef with Chicago’s Tim Anderson. Paul and Kyle talk about the comments made and what ramifications could be in play for Donaldson. The Mets took the series in Colorado but the main headlines for them didn’t take place on the field. Paul and Kyle talk about the weekend for the Mets and the updates on their injuries.

Rochester and Syracuse both dropped their weeklong series. Rochester and Lehigh Valley battled the elements and each other while Syracuse and Buffalo had slugfests and pitch duels. The Red Wings and Mets face off against each other this week, Paul and Kyle discuss the squads as the square off for the second time this season.


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