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Gas Prices: Fuel price increases, doubling spending by $1,000s for Americans

Americans have been finding themselves spending over $2,000 more dollars as the pump as gas prices continue to rise.

fuel pump where gas prices are rising

A study by Yardeni Research, reported by The Sun, states that people were on track to spend $3,800 more on gas this past March for the year.

The original increase was projected to be $2,800 last year, and now it’s closer to $4,800.

The national average price is $4.59.

Here are the 5 states with the highest gas prices

  • California, $6.06
  • Nevada, $5.24
  • Washington, $5.18
  • Illinois, $4.98
  • New York, $4.91

How long will the price of fuel keep going up?

Inflation and gas prices

Many Americans are blaming the Biden administration and policies like stimulus checks or rising wages for higher fuel prices.

There is also the issue of supply and demand as Russia and Ukraine continue to have conflict.

Corporations are also accused of increasing gas prices, gouging Americans.

Corporations like Exxon Mobil and Walmart are under fire for overcharging Americans.

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