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SSDI: What’s the biggest payment you can get?

SSDI payments, or disability payments, are handled by the Social Security Administration. Of the 70 million with benefits, 12% see SSDI.

social security card with cash representing ssdi benefits

Disability is handled by the federal government and disability payments are calculated individually.

Earnings are looked at by the SSA from the age of 22 until you become disabled.

You need to meet the legal definition of a disability set by the SSA, not just what a doctor says.

How much can you get in SSDI?

Disability payments are made monthly to qualifying beneficiaries.

The average benefit was worth $1,358.30 each month in 2021.

In Dec. of 2021 85% of recipients saw less than $2,000 each month.

SSDI: What’s the average monthly benefit amount for SSDI?

The maximum benefit for 222 was $3,345 each month.

What you’ve paid in Social Security taxes and the age you become disabled have a direct impact on what you’ll be paid in SSDI.

Your average indexed monthly earnings are calculated followed by what you’ll receive for benefits using a formula.

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