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SSDI: What’s the average monthly benefit amount for SSDI?

The Social Security Administration runs various programs, but 12% of the 70 million Americans in them are getting disability, or SSDI.

social security application for benefits like ssdi

This means over 9 million people receive SSDI.

SSDI varies for each beneficiary and is decided on similar to how retirement benefits are.

Your earnings each year are taken into account for the age of 22 to the point of application.

How is your SSDI payment decided?

The SSA will look at your average indexed monthly earnings for 22 until your disability.

A formula is then used to figure out your primary insurance amount.

The formula is designed to give lower earners higher benefits to equal their usual annual income.

May payment dates for Social Security, SSI and other benefits

Your actual disability and its severity has no impact on the dollar amount you receive.

The average payment is around $1,358.30 each month.

85% of people get under $2,000 per month.

It takes the SSA 3-5 months to process a disability claim and send a decision.

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