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Seneca County advances plans for new water and sewer authority

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Seneca County’s Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a home-rule request on Tuesday, setting the stage for significant changes in the county’s water and wastewater management. This request is directed towards the State Legislature, seeking approval to establish a Seneca County Water and Sewer Authority, which was proposed through bills introduced by State Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblymen Jeff Gallahan and Phil Palmesano.

The resolution, essential for moving the bills into legislative committees for further voting, will undergo final review by the legal counsels of both the Senate and Assembly. The move aims to centralize water and sewer services under a single authority, moving away from the current system where individual municipalities manage these services independently.

Supervisor Bob Shipley expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting that the decision to streamline water and sewer services across Seneca County has been long-awaited. If established, the new authority will have a Board of Directors and an executive director, centralizing operations and potentially improving service efficiency throughout the county.