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Tax Refund: Where is the Georgia surplus refund?

Residents in the state of Georgia have been waiting patiently for their tax refund, but some are still waiting past the tax deadline.

tax refund with check and irs form

The IRS normally sends out money within 21 business days, but in Georgia it could take as long as 90 business days.

This starts from the date your taxes were received by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

The reason is to help avoid tax fraud.

If you’re a first time tax filer in the state or you haven’t filed in the last 5 years, expect a wait.

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IRS: Where is my refund? Average refunds for millions are $3,103

Your checks are going out by mail.

You may check the status of your refund here.

Once you reach the website, you’ll choose the Where’s My Refund option.

You need to enter your SSN or ITIN along with the dollar amount you’re waiting for.

You then will click “next” to see the status.

Reasons your tax refund is taking so long in Georgia

There are many reasons you could be waiting.

This includes

  • filing a paper return
  • having information verified
  • math errors
  • you needed multiple forms
  • you were missing information
  • there is reason to suspect fraud
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