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IRS: Where is my refund? Average refunds for millions are $3,103

The tax deadline passed this month on April 18, and the IRS has received over 122.5 million tax returns.

tax refund from the IRS with tax forms

Some people may still need to file their taxes even though that date has passed.

It may be wise to do so since the average refund is over $3,000.

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IRS tax deadline

The tax deadline normally falls on April 15, but this year Emancipation Day was that day.

This pushed the date out to April 18 for most states.

Maine and Massachusetts had a deadlines of April 19 in honor of Patriot’s Day.

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Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, and Colorado all suffered from storms or fires, resulting in a May 16 deadline.

If you missed the deadline but are owed a refund, you won’t see a penalty.

If you owe, you will get the failure to pay penalty.

Getting your refund from the IRS

The quickest way to get your refund from the IRS is to choose direct deposit.

You’ll also see it faster by filing electronically.

How quick you see your refund depends on various things.

If you filed by paper it will take longer.

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What happens if I file my taxes late?

Those who claimed credits like the child tax credit could see a longer wait as well.

You can track your refund through the IRS Where’s My Refund tool.

It usually takes around 21 days to see a refund.

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