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Stimulus: Checks worth up to $800 available to some this summer

Another stimulus check worth up to $800 will be available to millions of Americans this summer in the state of Colorado.

stimulus checks being sent to residents this summer

This stimulus is in the form of a tax rebate and is expected to go out to 3.1 million residents.

Individuals will see checks worth $400, while couples can see $800.

The goal of this rebate is to offset the burden of inflation.

$850 stimulus payment: Who can apply?

Eligibility for stimulus payments

In order to qualify, you must be a Colorado resident full time.

The rebates will go out to those who filed returns for 2021 by May 31, 2022.

The money will go out in August or September.

States still giving out stimulus cash worth up to $1,000

There will also be a universal preschool program starting.

Other states with stimulus payments

Maine is sending around 850,000 residents checks worth $850 this summer.

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UBI: $500 payments in Chicago, how to apply

In order to qualify, individuals cannot make over $100,000, head of household cannot exceed $150,000, and joint filers can’t make over $200,000.

Illinois residents will see up to $400 payments.

Delaware residents can see up to $600 soon.

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